Pioneering Personalized Health
Revolutionizing Disease Prevention Through Cutting-Edge Science
At Triangel Scientific, we use cutting-edge genomics, metabolomics, and lifestyle analytics to craft bespoke health strategies.
Empowered by AI and validated by a panel of experts, our science is your key to longevity and vibrant life.
Revolutionize your pursuit of wellness
Genome & Metabolites
We've developed advanced algorithms that can read genetic code and predict how it might influence an individual's health outcomes. We're also researching ways to influence metabolites that have a crucial role in disease pathways, opening up exciting possibilities for personalized treatments
Lifestyle Analysis
Using sophisticated data models, we correlate these lifestyle factors with potential disease risks and provide tailored lifestyle recommendations.
Intestinal Microbiota
With cutting-edge technologies, we're exploring the fascinating interplay between gut health and disease prevention.